Forthcoming Exhibition

Martin Rowson
25th July - 13th August 10-4pm

Martin Rowson follows in the tradition of the eighteenth-century satirists and cartoonists, such as Gillray. In 2001 the then Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, appointed Rowson Cartoonist Laureate for London. 'The last thing that politicians in this country can afford to do if they want to get re-elected is to admit they do not have a sense of humour', Rowson commented, but added I am glad there is a politician somewhere who is willing to allow a cartoonist inside the loop, however dangerous that could be.

Martin Rowson has also contributed to the Guardian 1987 to 1988 and editorial cartoons since 1994, Sunday Correspondent caricatures and strips 1989 to 1990, Time Out since 1990, Dublin Sunday Tribune since 1991, Independent on Sunday Logorrhoea strip since 1991- renamed Pantheon 1994, Weekend Guardian 1991 to 1993, Independent Magazine 1993 to 1994, Tribune (political cartoons, covers, and Blair's Babies strip since 1994, Daily Mirror illustrations since 1996, Observer (financial cartoons 1996 to 199), Daily Express illustrations since 1998, The Scotsman editorial cartoons since 1998, and the Times Educational Supplement (editorial cartoons since 1998.

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