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Will Gould
Will graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design (now UCA) in 2005 and has been head gardener of a
Medieval Garden at St John's Jerusalem in Kent since 1999.  Since graduating he has continued to create art
influenced by ephemarality and impermanence, he has worked with community groups often developing
outdoor spaces.  Most recently he led a community garden scheme in West London.

A memory that takes on a life of its own

These artworks makes no claim to permanence and actively engage with processes of transformation.  A poem written using water, evaporating as quickly as it develops and sculptures made from seeds which collapse as the seeds grow. The materials Will uses to create his artworks celebrate the fleeting moments which form the basis of our experience of nature.  They are artworks that live predominantly in the memory.  The memory of a feeling, a smell or sensation which is just as powerful as an image.  Once in the mind of a viewer the memory itself takes on it's own life and is as mutable as any of the materials used.

Spiral Landscape
Earth Tower                                             Moments in Stone

Taking a Poem for a Walk

  Not fully excavated

  Time flickers
  Like the lights of this market place
  Where lucent lines trace feet in stone
  and pilgrim trod furrows bury animal burrows
  Not fully excavated

  Will Gould

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