Featured Artist

Ron Woodward
Artistic director and patron of the Bay Art Gallery.
Director of Age UK Herne Bay since 2000 and awarded MBE for his services to
Age UK and the community in 2017.

The Voyage of Time and Tide
This work was produced by Ron for his final year at the Kent Institute of Art and Design (now UCA) whilst studying for a BA Hons in 2005. The work shows a profound insight and understanding of the fragile processes of life.

Both time and tide erode not only structures but also memories.  By examination of structures being eaten away by the ravages of nature, where no salvation is ever likely to occur, I was struck by the comparison replicated in the eventual decay of memory.  Using the marine environment, where decay and erosion tend to attack at a greater pace, I found the insatiable appetite of shipworms and gribbles, who feed off and destroy their host, to harbour echoes of man's behaviour in the 21st Century. Returning to the structural failure of once proud maritime monuments where their chance survival symbolises or encapsulates a culture of place, I draw parallels with the retention of firm foundations in the use of form, material, time and tide.  Remnants of past memories, whether a mark on the skyline or a pattern in the ground, draw on these functional images.



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