Featured Artist

Helen Link
Helen Link graduated with a BA hons degree in fine art from Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury (now the UCA ) in 2005
and lives in Whitstable Kent. Helen as well as being a practising artist using a variety of materials and ideas heads up
woodcarving projects and enjoys encouraging experimental art with local art groups.     

Dance to the invisibility of time
Memories have the ability to bring together many strands of thought that whirl around in our minds creating a cacophony of emotions.  They evade all attempts to become tangible; they are there, however, just the same.  They lurk in our minds just enough to make their presence felt, they have the ability to invade objects, saturating them with meaning.

Memories of a previous time seem to be able to dwell in ‘thin’ places, and ride through sounds that bring them very close in an instant. They dance invisibly in front of our inner eye defying definition.
My work, has always held a fascination with what is there but is just out of reach. It has been and still is an artist’s attempt to make something that is invisible, visible. Something that has been created, something instilled in a moment of time, or a thought, a connection, a relationship.  Memories from our own past or from a collective past give us form and identity that can lead us forward to discover more about ourselves, more about life, even life beyond ourselves, to God if we listen.




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