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Colleen Rouse
Colleen graduated in fine art in 2005.  She is a practising artist with a diverse range of interests including
music and the sounds of the human voice.

I would describe my art as Process Oriented which essentially means I am more focused on the order of making rather than creating a narrative or figurative aspect.
My work has been described as ephemeral.  I am interested in the senses, in particular touch and through my love of music, sound for it’s emotional content and sense of vibration and rhythms.  Also important are Japanese concepts such as Wabi Sabi, which means finding beauty in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete and Mono No Aware – awareness of the transience of things or the ‘ahness’ of things/life/love. 

I love the spontaneity and immediacy of making and using light and shadow in different ways. In Photography, playing with different processes in the warmth of the darkroom and using light and experimentation to create images and reveal the unexpected is an exciting way of working for me.  I like the idea that on some level I am not in control and I am working with what will be of its own accord through the forces of energy or nature or whatever does have control.

All my work has aspects of memory within it, as essentially does everything we create or do.  For me this has been through the memory of the transient feeling of a hug or a person’s hand-print captured in wax or glass or through painting the shadows of roses in the afternoon sun.


In a current collaborative on-going project creating darkroom analogue selfies I have focussed on identity on a personal level to capture an essence or the memory of what it is like to be a child of apartheid and of mixed race. This project also invites others to create their own ‘anaselfies’ and memory of themselves in time and space.


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